Where would you look if you had to find a new living arrangement - despite the fact that you hoped you would never have to move again?

When that happened to my 91-year-old mother as she was recovering from a severe leg fracture in the spring of 2006, we found more positive things at the Belmond Community Apartments than we could have hoped for. As a result,she is able to be more independent than we had thought possible. Among other things, there are congregate meals to supplement the meals she can prepare for herself, community gathering spaces so she can play cards and socialize, very clean public spaces, management that carefully follows government mandates while giving attention to individual needs, private apartments that are comfortable, attractive, and have a surprising amount of storage, maintenance staff that seems to respond almost as soon as you hang up the phone with a request, and single-floor living to accommodate her walker. With her driving days over, Belmond has a clinic, pharmacy that delivers, grocery store that delivers, beauty shops, etc., etc., etc., and a community car to help her to do her own shopping in town. Near the top of her list are all the friendly people there who have made her feel like this really is a new home and one where she can be happy.

KAY MCCULLEY, Grateful daughter of Zona Whitten