Reasons we like Belmond Community Apartments

  • Staff is excellent - They will call if there is a problem and will keep you updated if needed.
  • The option of the noon meal in the dining room is good for its nutrition and social contact.
    The Care Car is a terrific service. Hats off to all those who volunteer.
  • The long hallways are great for those who like to walk inside; and there are various places to stop and take a break or visit a bit.
  • The housekeeping staff has been great to deal with any mechanical problems.
  • Since we live out of state, it is comforting to know our mothers are happy in a friendly atmosphere.

You can tell my husband and I like it because we keep sending more people there. At one time we had two mothers and one step-mother there at the same time. And that is in addition to a few aunts and a couple of cousins.