I would just like to take a moment and reflect on our local retirement center. Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to help place both my Mother and my Aunt into this facility. Both were very hesitant and stated they weren’t sure they were ready to leave their own homes. After many hours of looking at the apartments, talking with other residents, and visiting with the staff, both have finally moved in. We went through the issues of turning down an apartment because “it isn’t what I want”. However today, both are completely satisfied with their apartment and wished they would have moved earlier.

They have found several of the services offered, such an important part of their life; lunch at noon with their friends, the availability of the Care Car, grocery delivery by a local grocery store, to name a few. The facility is always “looking its best”, due to the staff that keeps up with the cleaning, repairs, yard work etc. A very big thank you to all of you!

New friends and acquaintances have been made; meeting them across the hall, putting puzzles together, in the laundry facility, at lunch or playing cards and games at the center. Everyone kind of “watches out for each other”. The noon lunch is one of the social highlights of the day along with playing cards in the afternoon. The entertainment, from the young ones during holidays, in the center is also an attraction and one that is certainly “marked on the calendar”. Watching a great-granddaughter dance or the boyscouts, girlscouts, and youth groups sing Christmas Carols. These groups should be encouraged to continue such activities, as the residents love it!

Belmond is so very fortunate to have such a place for our residents to retire. Thank you to the early planners with the foresight to complete the project, McBurney, Buseman, Rise, Redder - McLaughlin, and others who have made this possible. After living and working in other communities, it makes me realize how wonderful a small town we really have!

I thank you all for the wonderful place and the peace of mind knowing Mom is happy and enjoying life!